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Join The Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith and Relationship Coach Sarah Dawn Moore for enlightening conversations with celebrity guests and uncover the truth about human relationships, modern love, and the source of true happiness.


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The I Wish You Knew Podcast

Real Talk about Real Love

Grounded in research and real-world wisdom, Adam and Sarah tackle essential questions about attachment, communication, and crafting authentic connections. Explore the psychology of dating, from first glances to lasting commitments. Gain the skills to select partners with intention, resolve conflict through understanding, and above all, comprehend the meaning of true intimacy.Β 


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A Deeper Perspective

With over 15 years of experience, Adam Lane Smith is widely recognized as The Attachment Specialist, bringing profound yet practical expertise that empowers individuals to transform their relationships and build secure, lifelong attachments.

His science-backed techniques have helped thousands overcome destructive patterns and build lasting love. With over 450,000 followers, Adam is among the top global advocates for the importance of authentic love and healthy relationships.


Adam Lane Smith

sarah dawn moore

Relationship Mastery:

A Life’s Essential

With over 15 years of coaching experiences and 1.5M followers, Sarah Dawn Moore is an expert at navigating the complex waters of romantic relationships. Merging evolutionary psychology with practical techniques and a fair amount of wit, Sarah unveils the secret patterns that dictate love between men and women.

Her pragmatic approach blends psychology and real-world wisdom to equip those seeking genuine love with the necessary tools to achieve romantic success.


The I Wish You Knew Podcast

Join Adam Lane Smith and Sarah Dawn Moore as they delve into the complexities of human connections, providing insights and strategies for building stronger relationships.

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