#10 | Destructive, Millennial, Behaviors That Are RUINING Modern Dating

#10 | Destructive, Millennial, Behaviors That Are RUINING Modern Dating

On this week’s episode of the “I Wish You Knew” Podcast Adam Lane Smith and Sarah Dawn Moore discuss the complexities of modern dating. They share expert insights and practical advice, making this episode essential for anyone navigating the intricate world of dating and relationships.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Modern Dating Landscape: Exploring the current state of dating and its challenges.
  • Navigating Dating Dynamics: Strategies for both men and women to find love without getting hurt.
  • The Role of Honesty and Games in Dating: Discussing the importance of being upfront and genuine.
  • Gender-Specific Dating Challenges: Unique concerns faced by men and women in the dating scene.
  • The Importance of Reciprocation: Understanding the balance of giving and receiving in relationships.
  • Online Dating Insights: How to effectively use dating apps and profiles.
  • Dealing with Rejection and Investment: Managing expectations and emotional investment in dating.
  • Courting and Communication: Reviving traditional courting methods and effective communication.
  • Storytelling in Dating: The power of sharing personal stories and experiences.
  • Building Confidence and Charisma: Essential skills for a successful dating experience.
  • Attachment Styles in Relationships: Understanding your attachment style for better relationship dynamics.
  • Healing from Past Relationships: Learning to move past previous hurts and embrace healthy relationships.

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