#13 | Psychotherapist reveals Hidden Impact of Childhood Attachment on Your Love Life

#13 | Psychotherapist reveals Hidden Impact of Childhood Attachment on Your Love Life

🎙️ Welcome back to another episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast! Today Adam and Sarah sit down with Jessica Baum to dive into the neurobiology behind attachment, how our childhood serves as a blueprint for how we connect and how it affects our relationships in adulthood. It all boils down to our nervous system. Becoming an observer of our nervous system will help us form more secure and stable relationships. 


🌟Here’s what to look out for in the episode:


  • Why are we attracted to the familiar?
  • Why do we choose people that are bad for us?
  • How can we identify our attachment wounds?
  • Why do we replay our childhood trauma in our adult relationships? 
  • How do our early developmental attachment issues change our nervous system and affect our ability to connect? 
  • What makes the anxious-avoidant relationship such a magnetic attraction?
  • How do we become observers of our nervous system?
  • How to choose the right partner and steer the relationship at a healthy pace?

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Next episode drops Thursday :)

See you there. 

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