#16 | What the West Gets Wrong About Masculinity

#16 | What the West Gets Wrong About Masculinity

🎙️ Welcome back to another insightful episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast! Today, Adam and Sarah have an enlightening discussion with Indian podcaster Silawath Irshad about relationships and gender dynamics in India versus the West.

They tackle the pressing question: Can traditional family values and gender roles survive in an era of modern feminism and shifting cultural norms?

This cross-cultural episode takes you on a thought-provoking journey through marriage, dating, femininity, masculinity, and how India compares to the US.

🌟Here's what to keep an ear out for in this episode:

  1. How the rise of feminism in India is impacting gender roles and family structures.
  2. The differences between traditional Indian and Western views on masculinity.
  3. Do Indian women still highly value motherhood and homemaking?
  4. How does the modern dating culture in India compare to the state of Western dating?
  5. Why Silawath believes men need to "man up" and provide for their families.
  6. Sarah and Adam's perspectives on what women vs men really want in relationships.

Listening will broaden your cultural awareness and help you reflect on shifting gender dynamics around the world. You'll come away with a nuanced understanding of how traditional values are evolving in the face of modern feminism.

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