#17 | Unrealistic Expectations Are Destroying The Dating Market

#17 | Unrealistic Expectations Are Destroying The Dating Market

🎙️ Tune in to a riveting episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast, Relationship Coach Sarah Dawn Moore and Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith, delve deep into the labyrinth of male and female expectations within modern relationships.


This episode poses a compelling question: In today's world, dominated by social media influence and changing societal standards, what do men and women genuinely expect from each other in relationships and friendships?

Embark on an enlightening exploration of the nuanced interplay between evolving gender roles, relationship dynamics, and the impact of digital age dating.

🌟Keep an ear out for:


👉Debating whether contemporary women's expectations of men have escalated beyond reality.

👉Analyzing the effects of social media and dating apps on how men and women perceive and relate to each other.

👉Unpacking the core attributes of masculinity and how they are perceived and valued in today's society.

👉The significance of communication in understanding and aligning the expectations between genders.

👉Strategies for men to embody genuine masculinity and for women to realistically set and communicate their expectations.

👉The conversation around how economic and educational progress influences relationship expectations.

👉Sarah and Adam's insights into the evolving expectations in male-female dynamics within the framework of modern-day relationships.

This episode promises to enhance your understanding of contemporary relationship dynamics, offering thoughtful perspectives on how men and women can navigate their expectations and foster more meaningful connections.


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