#19 | The New Rules of Dating No One Dares to Discuss

#19 | The New Rules of Dating No One Dares to Discuss

🎙️ ️ Dive into an intriguing episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast, where marketing expert and entrepreneur Matt Daley joins relationship coach Sarah Moore and Attachment Specialist Adam Lane Smith for a candid conversation about relationships, psychology, and the gender war (and possibly how to end it)


This episode is packed with honest takes on relationships, connections, therapy and so much more. Get ready for a controversial conversation that will challenge some of your beliefs.


This episode invites you to ask yourself and the people around you: Can men and women live together in harmony and stop trying to make each other be the same?

🌟 Lookout for these highlights: 


👉 How modern psychology's rise divides society, pushing individualism and hurting relationships, and how it needs more balance, focusing on solutions alongside emotions.

👉 How social media's manipulation tactics can trick us, and why you should be critical of online content.

👉 How and why men and women often misunderstand each other's communication styles.

👉 Why age-gap relationships spark debate on personal choice vs. societal norms, raising the question: should love be limited by age?

👉 How women's educational advancement clashes with perceived male regression, and what this means for gender roles.

Get ready to see psychology and therapy as you’ve never seen them before. This episode examines the reality of gender dynamics between men and women and how to bridge the ever-widening gap between the two. From MGTOW to radical feminists, we’ve got something for everyone in this episode.

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