#20 | Finding Meaning Outside of Relationships (This Might Save Your Life)

#20 | Finding Meaning Outside of Relationships (This Might Save Your Life)

🎙️ Join us for on this episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast, where hosts Sarah Don Moore and Adam Lane Smith, the attachment specialist, delve into the depths of personal transformation, relationships, and overcoming adversity with their special guest, Jillian Turecki. 


Prepare for a profound discussion that intertwines professional expertise with personal experiences, offering a fresh perspective on therapy, coaching, and the path to authentic connection. 


This episode challenges you to reflect on your own journey towards healing and understanding in relationships and poses the essential question: How can we cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves and others, fostering growth and understanding amidst life's challenges?

🌟 Don't Miss These Key Insights: 


👉 The mind-body connection and why it’s essential to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

👉 How moving beyond trauma can prevent continuous retraumatization.

👉 How and why accountability is the first step to get started with your personal transformation.

👉 The shortcomings of traditional therapy and how it lacks being tough with people to help them become more accountable and responsible.

👉 The importance of authenticity over trying to be overly interesting during dating and in relationships. 

👉 Our personal responsibility in relationship dynamics rather than focusing solely on the partner's faults.

In this episode, host Sarah Dawn Moore and co-host Adam Lane Smith, joined by the insightful Jillian Turecki, unpack the layers of personal evolution, the essence of meaningful relationships, and the resilience required to transcend life's adversities, so keep your eyes peeled.

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