#7 | Our WORST Dating Stories - Relationship Coaches Speak Out

#7 | Our WORST Dating Stories - Relationship Coaches Speak Out

On this week's episode of the "I Wish You Knew" podcast, Sarah Dawn Moore and Adam Lane Smith engage in a discussion about their experiences as relationship coaches. This episode offers a unique, behind-the-scenes look at what it's like when coaches share their insights and advice.


Sarah and Adam open up about some of the most challenging cases they have encountered, delving into stories of clients struggling with relationship issues. The conversation takes an intense turn as they discuss scenarios where clients have faced significant difficulties in their love lives, from struggling to move past a first date to dealing with emotionally unavailable partners.


Key discussion points include:


  • The challenges faced by men in dating, especially those who either overwhelm their dates or attract partners who aren't emotionally available.
  • Strategies to help clients who are workaholics or who have difficulties expressing their emotions in relationships.
  • The impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships, particularly the role of parental figures in shaping one’s approach to love and intimacy.
  • The journey of helping clients transition from superficial attraction to deeper, more meaningful connections.
  • The process of guiding clients through understanding and breaking their destructive relationship patterns.


This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the modern dating scene. Understanding that the difficulties you are going through are also shared by many others who struggle to find a partner, love and relationships. Sarah and Adam not only share their professional experiences but also offer insights and tips that listeners can apply to their own lives.


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